Compare our Six Shooter and B-52

What’s the difference between the Six Shooter and B-52?

While both machines may do the same job, there are certain advantages to using one over the other. It all comes down to what you need accomplished. The big difference is the size and weight of each machine and the accessories that come with them. This is also what makes the difference in price. Follow our comparison guide below to see which tool is right for you.

6-Shooter Gold Series

Six Shooter

The Six Shooter is ideal for

Cutting 50 or more manholes annually
Those who need to cut varying sizes of manholes
Municipalities and Larger Contractors

Technical Specs

1,200 lbs.
Adjustable cutting diameter from 28″ to 60″
Cutting Depth: 14″ with included standard blades
Six cutting blades
Heavy duty auger drive

What comes with the Six Shooter system?

Gold Series Six Shooter (with 24 teeth included)
Standard Speedplate
Heavy Duty Auger Drive
6 replacement teeth
Free Mr. Manhole Rebuild Starter Kit (materials to rebuild one manhole chimney via the Mr. Manhole method)
Debris Containment System
Casting Lifter
Four Underslung Arm Adapters
Easy Slope tool
Online Instructional Video

Additional Accessories for the Six Shooter

Extended Arm Adapters

Starting at $21,999

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B-52 Manhole Cutter


The B-52 is ideal for

Cutting 50 or less manholes annually
Smaller Contractors

Technical Specs

900 lbs.
Fixed cutting diameter of 52”
Cutting Depth: 14″ with included standard blades
Four cutting blades
Auger drive sold separately

What comes with the B-52 system?

B-52 Manhole Cutter (with 16 teeth included)
Standard Speedplate
Debris Containment System

Additional Accessories for the B-52

Underslung Arm Adapters
Extended Arm Adapters
Standard Auger Drive

Starting $7,999

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