Ready to Become a Mr. Manhole Installer?

As a Mr. Manhole Installer, you’ll be our partner in the manhole repair industry

The Mr. Manhole system can save you money. And as an Mr. Manhole Installer, we’ll be your partner so you can maximize profits and get as many leads as you can handle. In this market, there is always a need for manhole repair. Streets are constantly being torn up and repaved, and since manholes lie within those improvements, they are frequently redone as well. Our system makes manhole repair quick and easy, saving you money on material and labor cost. The Mr. Manhole tool will remove the manhole frame from the road in just 10 minutes.

We’re looking for construction companies to partner with as approved Mr. Manhole System Installers. These installers will be our preferred companies. We often receive phone calls from people asking to be connected with installers. As our partner we will connect these individuals to you. No matter how much business you would like, we can help. From supplemental business during downtime, or if you want to exclusively work on manhole repairs, we can help you land the right amount of work.

As our partner, you’ll have access to our marketing materials, like graphics, flyers, and videos, plus valuable training resources via our website or onsite demonstrations. We will send leads your way, ensuring you get plenty of business. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an approved Mr. Manhole Installer, please fill out the form below. A Mr. Manhole team member will respond as soon as possible.