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Why Choose Mr. Manhole


Cost-effective, time-efficient, and safe.

That’s the trifecta of any tool. Before we developed the Mr. Manhole tools, the only options were labor-intensive, expensive, dangerous, and it took way too much time to repair a manhole.

So in 2002, we set out to change the industry with our first prototype tools. Since then, we’ve become the industry leader and have satisfied customers around the world. Here’s how…

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Save Time

Tired of wasting countless man-hours cutting, pulling, and repairing manholes?

With Mr. Manhole cutters, you’ll drastically reduce costly traffic control hours. One operator can easily cut 16 to 20 manhole frames a day. A five-man crew can repair between eight and 20 manholes a day. And the heavy lifting is no longer done by your crew.

The Mr. Manhole cutters perform the heavy lifting which significantly lowers the risk of worker’s injuries and workman’s comp rates for your business.

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Save Money

Let me ask you this…

How much money could you be saving on each project?

Sure, you’re paying for equipment and labor. But you are spending much less time per repair. Consider the other costs. The workman’s comp rates from unnecessary heavy lifting, additional traffic control hours, excessive material costs, water treatment costs (if you are sewer operator). These add up and make it hard to stay profitable.

With Mr. Manhole cutters, you can save money by:

  • Reducing the amount of equipment required (Only a cutter and a skid steer required.)
  • Reduced workman’s comp rates (The Mr. Manhole tool does all the heavy lifting.)
  • Drastically reduced traffic control hours.
  • Reduced material costs (Our round cut saves you 20 percent in material removed and replaced when compared to a square cut.)
  • Saving on water treatment (Potentially millions of gallons.)

Add all of this up. It’s easy to see how Mr. Manhole tools pay for themselves.

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Improve Crew Morale

Crew morale is essential for productivity and efficiency. One of the biggest blows to crew morale is using outdated tools and methods.

By choosing Mr. Manhole tools, your crews will be using the highest-quality, cutting-edge equipment. Crews want to use the latest and most efficient equipment. And by choosing Mr. Manhole tools, your crew will take more pride in their work and produce a better quality product.

Improved morale also leads to improved productivity. Our manhole cutters work to improve crew morale by making the manhole repair process smarter, safer, and faster. When a company recognizes its responsibility regarding worker safety, it creates a more positive company/worker relationship.

By eliminating the need for hard labor and decreasing the risk of injury, crews are safer and feel more comfortable on the job. Mr. Manhole tools optimize your workforce, making each man-hour exponentially more productive.

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Reputation for Excellence

Our reputation for excellence can be found in most states in the U.S. and several countries around the world. Mr. Manhole offers the world’s only fully engineered manhole frame and lid removal and replacement system.

We have developed a commercial misting system, which was designed to satisfy the new OSHA regulation regarding silica exposure control. By law, your crews are required to be protected from silica exposure. We have a complete silica exposure control plan available for your business available on our website.

See for yourself why our reputation for excellence has spread across the world. With Mr. Manhole tools, the speed and quality of your repairs will quickly be noticed (and appreciated) by drivers.

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Proven Method

The old ways don’t work anymore.

The old ways are hard on crews, cause higher injury-related costs, and are extremely time-consuming.

With the old ways, it took nearly a day to repair just one manhole. And it required more material to complete the project.

Mr. Manhole has set a new standard for manhole rehabilitation and the world is taking notice. The tools are being used throughout the world to repair manholes and improve roads. Tens of thousands of manhole frames have been removed and repaired using our proven system.

When compared to the old, archaic ways, crews can’t believe how much simpler, quicker, and what an overall better solution Mr. Manhole has become.

Get started today and let the Mr. Manhole system propel you to new profits and professionalism.