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Mr. Manhole

Rent our cutters, all shipped to you with everything you need to get to work faster, safer and smarter.

You are committed to keeping your city in great shape and you’ve got manhole frames and lids that need to be repaired quickly, safely, and correctly.

You or your city may not be ready to purchase a Mr. Manhole cutter just yet, but you need the benefits now! We can help you make that happen with the Mr. Manhole rental program! Our rental program will get you up and running to get your repairs done faster, smarter, and safer.

With our rental program you get:

rental box

try before you buy Mr. Manhole Rental package

If you rent a Mr.Manhole Cutter Package for one month or longer and decide to purchase either a Gold or Platinum Customer Package, within 30 days from the Rental Contract End Date, a $2,000 discount will be given on the purchase price.

Rental Options
  • Weekly (Pickup Only)
  • Monthly (Pickup or Delivery)

Rent from Mr. Manhole

Fill out the below form to join the Mr. Manhole rental program. One of our sales reps will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

Delivery Address(Required)
Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, Max. file size: 50 MB.
Please upload proof of insurance. This is required for all Mr. Manhole rentals.
Rental Products
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Minimum Agreed Term – Week / Month / Other: Based on Rental Term Column Month = 28 Rental Days / Week = 7 Days

Delivery: Rental item(s) will arrive by the Rent Start Date barring any unforeseen delivery issues. In this event, the Rent End Date will be extended to fulfill your agreed Rental Term (Month = 28 Days, Week = 7 Days).

Pickup: Rental item(s) can be picked up 1 day prior to the Rent Start Date. The Rental item(s) must be returned 1 day after the Rent End Date.

Additional Terms: You agree to pay us $150.00 fee per occurrence in the event of any loading, unloading and/or delivery delay(s) resulting from your act(s) or omission(s).  This will be deducted from your Deposit Refund.

Insurance: Evidence of Insurance acceptable to Mr. Manhole must be received prior shipment.

Deposit: (See attached Terms and Conditions)

You agree to rent the above referenced Rented Item(s) from Critex, LLC, dba “Mr. Manhole” (also referred to herein as “Lessor,” “we,” “us” and “our”) on the terms set forth in this Contract (including this Page 1, and Page 2 hereof) for the period beginning on the Date/Time Out (subject to adjustment by Mr. Manhole based on availability) until the earlier of: (a) the “Due Back” date and time set forth above; or (b) the return date specified by Mr. Manhole in any demand for such return made by Lessor (the “Term”).

Except only as may otherwise be separately agreed in writing by Mr. Manhole, the undersigned Customer/Lessee shall pay Mr. Manhole the NET DUE Per Period (prorated as necessary to account for any partial period(s) included in the Rental Term) in advance on the day of each calendar month following the Date Out, together with all other charges referenced herein as and when due, regardless of whether any invoice(s) has/have been provided by Mr. Manhole. All charges due and coming due hereunder are subject to FINAL AUDIT by Mr. Manhole. This is a legally binding Contract. Important Terms and Conditions are attached or the Reverse Side hereof. By signing below, the Customer/Lessee/Guarantor hereby: (a) agrees to all of the terms and conditions set forth on this Page 1 (“P.1”) and the reverse side (or Page 2) of this Rental Contract; (b) authorizes Mr. Manhole to charge all amounts due and coming due under this Rental Contract (up to 150% of the new replacement value of the above referenced Rented Item(s) to any and all debit or credit card(s) provided by such Customer/Lessee; and (c) PERSONALLY GUARANTEES the full and prompt payment and performance of all obligations of the Customer/Lessee set forth herein. ANY DIFFERENT OR ADDITIONAL TERMS (INCLUDING ANY HANDWRITTEN MODIFICATIONS), WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN ARE HEREBY OBJECTED TO, AND SHALL NOT BE ENFORCEABLE AGAINST MR. MANHOLE, UNLESS SEPARATELY (AND SPECIFICALLY) APPROVED IN WRITING BY MR MANHOLE. IMPORTANT: THIS CONTRACT SHALL NOT BIND OR BE ENFORCEABLE AGAINST MR. MANHOLE UNLESS SIGNED BY AN AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE OF MR. MANHOLE. EXECUTED as of the date first set forth above.

Get access to the right tools to do your next project.

If you would like to rent a Mr. Manhole cutter or discuss rental options, contact our Sales Department, today!

Sales Department

[email protected]

Phone: 567-242-2221, Ext. 2

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