Introducing The New

Platinum Series Six Shooter

The latest Mr. Manhole product to hit the market is our Platinum Series Six Shooter. Featuring the largest cutting diameter in our Mr. Manhole tool lineup, the new system is specifically designed to take manhole cutting and removal to a new level of ease and efficiency.

New roll-up debris shield is easier to deploy and retract, speeding up production.

Our biggest tool yet with an adjustable cutting diameter from 50” to 72″ with a depth of 16”.

Transportation is now a breeze thanks to integrated tie-down points.

A shock reducing drive system protects the drive motor from damage.

Platinum Series Six Shooter

Designed for high-volume manhole frame repair.

  • The Easy Drive top reduces operator fatigue
  • New deploy and retract debris containment shield
  • Largest cutting diameter available
  • Larger main frame for added durability
Are you prepared for the new OSHA Silica Regulations?

Are you prepared for the new OSHA Silica Regulations?

Add the Mr. Mister to your repair process

Now available with our commercial misting system, the Mr. Mister is specifically designed to satisfy new OSHA regulations regarding silica exposure control.

Learn more about the Mr. Mister

A State-of -the-art compete manhole repair system

Now Offering Three Distinct Manhole Cutters

We have designed and developed three different sizes of manhole cutters so that you can accomplish the volume of manhole repair specific to your operation. See which one is right for you.

Platinum Series Six Shooter

Gold Series Six Shooter

B-52 Manhole Cutter

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