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The Mr. Manhole Method

Rebuild and Repair Manholes Smarter, Faster, and Safer

Since 2002, installers have used the Mr. Manhole Method to complete over 75,000 successful repairs.

Manhole chimneys either leak, causing high sewage treatment costs and overflow into lakes and streams, or are often not level with the road causing a traffic hazard. Using The Mr. Manhole Method gives you the superpowers to address the bump and leak problems by quickly removing the manhole and replacing it with a new structurally sound watertight assembly. You can complete the repair smarter, faster, and safer in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods.

Engineers agree that round repairs are far superior to square repairs. Instead of using square cuts, the Mr. Manhole method uses round cuts, generating 20 percent less debris while using 20 percent less replacement material.

5 images representing steps in manhole repair

You know how you work best and Mr. Manhole offers specifications for a variety of scenarios you may encounter in the field.

There are many ways to adjust manhole frames and lids, from a quick height adjustment to a thorough adjustment that eliminates leakage. Any method you choose will require the frame to be removed from the road before the rebuild process starts. We have a variety of adjustable cutter extractors to meet your specific needs that can remove most manhole frames in less than 10 minutes. You work hard, and our cutters are there alongside you to do the heavy lifting. 

The rebuild has a 20-year design life, will not leak and is always level with the road.

You can work with confidence that the repairs you make will be safe, and durable, and eliminate leakage and constant adjusting due to materials breakdown. This all leads to peace of mind for the safety of your crew, your city, as well as your wallet.

Materials Package

The Mr. Manhole materials are conveniently shipped on pallets containing enough material to repair 20 manholes.

The pallets are plastic bagged and shrink-wrapped so you can store them safely until needed. The materials are reasonably priced and shipping is included in the price for the continental United States.

Feel free to take a look at what we offer and select the specifications that work for your city. If you have any questions, give us a call at 567-242-2221 or toll-free 833-242-2221 or email [email protected].

Regarding the recent Mr. Manhole repairs that were performed for the Village of Cridersville, Ohio. The on-road repairs were smooth and quickly done. The off-road Easyset system looks great and stopped a lot of leakage. I am well pleased with the total Mr. Manhole system.

John McDonald Supervisor Cridersville, Ohio