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Rebuild and repair manholes

Join other crews around the world as they cut their time, costs, and safety issues.

As a Mr. Manhole Installer, you’ll be forwarded leads in your area, plus get access to an entire library of Mr. Manhole materials and guides.

Rebuild Method for Manhole Repair

Rebuild and repair manholes with the Mr. Manhole method: Faster, Smarter, and Safer.

You have a great crew and a major investment in your paving equipment. Your time is important and every minute on the job is precious. Time spent adjusting manholes is time spent NOT paving. You wish you could perform manhole frame adjustments quickly and move on as if they didn’t exist.

Now you can sub-contract the adjustments to a Mr. Manhole installer or with The Mr. Manhole “Steel Plate Method” get your own crew started quickly making adjustments without tying them up for hours. After the paving and striping are done, the manholes are quickly reinstated perfectly level with the road.

Our “Steel Plate Method” means you can mill and pave as if the manholes don’t exist!

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Road Milling and Paving Made Easy

Our Cut, Pull, and Plate package allows you to replace manhole frames temporarily with a steel plate then mill and pave right over them.

Tired of manholes slowing down your milling and paving operation? Keep your crews working at top efficiency with the Cut, Pull, and Plate package. This package is designed to get you back to paving quicker by allowing you to replace manhole frames temporarily with a steel plate and then mill and pave right over them and restore them at a later date.

Newcon Plate with Ring & T-Stops

Our simple six-step process cuts hours off your project:

  • Cut and remove the manhole frame from the road using the Six Shooter manhole cutter
  • Replace the frame and lid with a custom steel plate
  • Cover the steel plate with asphalt
  • Mill and pave with no obstructions
  • Cut through the new asphalt with the Six Shooter manhole cutter and remove the steel plate and all road materials with no labor
  • Restore the manhole to grade

The entire process can be completed in less than an hour. The Cut, Pull, and Plate package includes a Newcon Auger and a Newcon Plate.

Adjusting Manhole Frames and Lids

Based on the experience of other installers as they completed well over 50,000 successful repairs, we have designed a set of free engineering specifications that your city can adopt.

Do you prefer to have asphalt at the road surface? Prefer a monolithic repair with concrete from the manhole cone to the road surface? Are you dealing with masonry structures? We offer specifications for all these and other scenarios you may encounter. You can find our Engineering Specifications and MSDS for all the Mr. Manhole repair materials on this page.

As a professional, you’re familiar with precast concrete adjusting rings, newer plastic rings, and brick and mortar methods. Mr. Manhole takes manhole repair to a new level with a series of engineered manhole repair specifications. The design objectives are to eliminate leakage and be very accurate and level with the road surface, provide great durability, and easy installation, and do it at a reasonable cost.

Crews that used Mr. Manhole repair specifications have found these benefits:

  • Perfectly level with the road every time
  • Permanently stops leakage
  • Very durable, time tested repair method
  • Labor reduction
  • Safety of repair crews
  • Nicer appearing finished product
  • 20% less material removed and replaced
  • Fully engineered specifications
  • OSHA silica regs compliant
Mr. Manhole Cutter

Still have questions? Give us a call at 567-242-2221 or toll-free 833-242-2221 or email [email protected] and we will set you up with everything you need to get started with the specifications that work for your city.