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A cost-effective and efficient method for repairs

Four Benefits of Being a Mr. Manhole Installer

The old methods of manhole (chimney) repair are outdated. You will be offering your customers an engineered repair system with an impressive track record. Tens of thousands of successful repairs have been done worldwide. You will benefit from being a part of the world’s most knowledgeable group of manhole repair specialists. You will have access to all the Mr. Manhole marketing materials and know-how.

Mr. Manhole installers have a more cost-effective and efficient method available. The new method using Mr. Manhole’s tools allows your team to benefit from reduced labor time, reduced cost, and better worker safety.

Our philosophy is to support our installers to ensure they are profitable and equipped to succeed. We hope you’ll join us and become another Mr. Manhole success story. To get a better idea of how we put this philosophy to work, here are four of the top benefits of using the Mr. Manhole system.

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New Bremen Repair - two guys working with concrete

1. Save Money

The old method of square manhole (frame adjustment) repairs is expensive. Our system improves on this method by specifying round manhole repairs. Compared to square repairs, round manhole repairs use 20 percent less material. And with less material comes fewer costs.

Material costs are just the beginning. Labor costs are also cut significantly. Where a team of five could finish a traditional manhole repair in about 5 hours, our method can be completed from start to finish in an hour. The manhole cutting process itself can take as little as ten minutes.

New Bremen - manhole repair work

2. Round Manhole Repairs

In addition to reduced material costs, round manhole repairs come with a list of additional benefits including:

  • Circular reinforcing rods allow perfect placement and max strength
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Less likely to be damaged by freezing weather
  • No corners and points of weakness
  • Perfectly level, every time
  • Seals manhole from leaks
  • Restores traffic much sooner
  • Presents a professional image

To discover more about the advantages of round manhole collars, check out Round Manhole Repairs versus Square Manhole Repairs.

3. Generous Warranty

When you purchase our tools, you are also receiving a great warranty. You can learn more here.
In addition to our warranty, we sell quality replacement parts for Mr. Manhole cutters and tools. These parts are always on hand for quick repairs to keep you profitable. Replacement and accessory parts help you get the absolute most out of your equipment.

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4. Easy-to-Use Tools and Training

Our tools are easy to use and are designed to work with skid steer loaders and backhoes. This allows the operator a great view as the work is being done. And if you’re looking for product overviews, specs, or training for our tools, all of this is easily available online at our training center.

We have been using Mr. Manhole for 8 years now. It is a mandatory tool for adjustments. It is quicker, cleaner, and provides a better finish product. The service from Mr. Manhole is spot on.

John Becker, Advanced Asphalt Co., Princeton, Illinois