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Center the Mr. Manhole tool over any manhole frame

The Mr. Manhole system offers a Speedplate for every manhole frame.

Because there are a variety of manhole frames in use, it’s important to have the right speedplate for your manhole cutter and location. We manufacture three different speedplates to ensure you have the correct Speedplate for your manhole frames.

A Speedplate is used to center the cutters within the manhole frame. The Standard Speedplate ships with all cutter packages, however, in certain circumstances you may need a speedplate made for another type of manhole frame.

The Standard Speedplate locks into the manhole frame and centers the cutter during the cutting operation. The Speedplate allows the cutter to pull the frame and road overcut from the road. These features make cutting and removing manhole frames a breeze.

Standard Speedplate

XL Speedplate

Smooth Wall Speedplate

Manhole Frame Styles

The Speedplate will engage the manhole frame in seconds and lock firmly in place with a quick twist of the tensioning ratchet handle. The Speedplate has a wide range of size adjustment and works with most frame styles.

Lid Undercut

Lid Undercut

The “Lid Undercut” style manhole frames are supported by the Standard Speedplate. If you often replace or repair frames with a larger diameter, these frames are also supported by the Speedplate XL.

Smooth-Walled Speedplate

Smooth Wall

In this type of manhole frame there is no lid undercut, which means the standard speedplate would have nothing to grip. It’s a smooth walled frame from top to bottom. We first came across this frame in California, however, it can also be found in other western states and in coastal areas. Instead of locking onto a lid undercut, the Smooth Wall Speedplate works by tightening laterally as it’s picked up. Once you have made your cut and you begin to pull the manhole up, the speedplate will generate lateral tightening pressure against the hardened studs in the face of the unit. It will push out against the smooth walls, lock-in, and pull the frame from the road.