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Adjustable cutting diameter

From 44″ to 60″ standard and down to 28″ & up to 72″ with optional add on’s.

Two Packages Available

With the option of a Base Package or the Customer Package, we have everything you need to get up and running.

Gold Series Six Shooter

Six Shooter Spinning

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“The City of Washington purchased the Mr. Manhole System in 2009 and we have completed nearly 80 manhole repairs using the tools. The crew loves the labor and time savings that the Mr. Manhole tools provide and the residents enjoy the smooth transition between the manholes and the roadway. The Mr. Manhole System has worked great and we like the I&I savings too. The tools have helped the City of Washington provide a better manhole repair system.”

Kevin Quaethem, Washington, Missouri

Gold Series Six Shooter

The Gold Series Six Shooter is the latest in manhole repair technology, with no other company in the world offering a similar tool. Uniquely designed to cut out manhole frames using a round cut instead of square, the Six Shooter makes manhole removal and repair smarter, faster, and safer for construction crews.

With the Mr. Manhole system, your crew can cut out manhole frames and the surrounding road in about 10 minutes and finish the job in an hour. In comparison, it takes one to three days to repair a single manhole using the conventional way.