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Water Valve Rebuild Package

Part # K-MM0325
Weight: 470 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 42"x48"x18"


The Water Valve Rebuild Package includes the items you will need to cut and remove water valves for rebuilding. You receive the Underslung Arms for reduced diameter cutting, as well as, the Water Valve Cutting Blades which are reduced diameter blades. They can cut a diameter from 22″ to 34″ when mounted on the Gold Series Cutter and 28″ to 36″ when mounted on the Platinum Series Cutter. It includes a hardware package for attaching the blades to the Underslung Arms. The package includes the Mr. Valve Centering Cone and Reducer Ring.  The Water Valve Rebuild Package is only compatible with the Gold Series Cutter and the Platinum Series Cutter.

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Easily cut out and repair water valves.

The solution to smaller diameter repairs is our Water Valve Rebuild package.

Some crews specialize in more than manhole repair. Many bid water valve repairs. If your crew works to repair and rebuild water valves and other small diameter cuts, you need the Water Valve Repair Package. Using underslung arms, it decreases the diameter of your Mr. Manhole tool to just 28”.

This package has all the tools required to do things the right way and make sure the repair is level to the road grade–every single time. These tools are also labor-limiting, meaning your crew can do the job easily with less risk of injury.

Water Valve Rebuild Package

Centering Cone

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Reducer Ring

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Platinum Underslung Arms

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Water Valve Cutting Blades

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The Water Valve Rebuild Package includes:

  1. Centering cone – fits in the water valve casting and centers the Mr. Manhole tool while cutting
  2. Reducer ring
  3. Platinum underslung arms – relocate the cutting blades underneath the cutter for a smaller diameter cut
  4. Special reduced diameter cutting blades – these blades cut smaller diameters better and last longer

*Not pictured but included in the Water Valve Rebuild Package:

  • Hardware kit for attaching cutting blades

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