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Manhole Rebuild Package

Part # K-MM0332
Weight: 81 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 42"x48"x18"


This package contains all the major items needed to rebuild manholes. You receive the Battery Powered Sealant Gun with battery and charger for applying the Mr. Manhole sealant to the liner, the Battery Powered Saw with battery and charger for cutting the liner, the Battery Powered Concrete Vibrator with battery and charger, the Wire Tie Tool for fastening the rebar circles together, Measuring Caliper, the Mark-Rite Tool for marking the Mr. Manhole insert liner (form for concrete), a Concrete Float to smooth the concrete, a Concrete Edger for creating the joint between the repair and the road surface, and a Concrete Brush to texture the surface of the repair.

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Manhole Rebuild Package

Replacement Parts

Everything you need to repair manholes.

Our Manhole Rebuild Package contains all the tools you need to do things the right way.

The Mr. Manhole series of manhole cutter does the job of cutting and removing the manhole lid from the road grade. After that job is done, it’s time to repair the hole. Using our Manhole Rebuild Package, you can repair the manhole quickly and efficiently.

Manhole Rebuild Package

Battery Powered Sealant Gun

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Battery Powered Saw

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Battery Powered Concrete Vibrator

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Wire Tie Tool

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Mark-Rite Tool

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Concrete Float

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Concrete Edger

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Concrete Brush

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Measuring Caliper

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The Manhole Repair Package consists of:

  1. A battery-powered sealant gun – used to apply the White sealant to the liner during the repair operation
  2. A battery-powered saw – used to cut the liner material during repair
  3. A battery-powered concrete vibrator – used to consolidate the concrete during repair
  4. A wire tie tool – used to install wire ties on the reinforcing rings during repair
  5. The Mark-Rite tool – used to mark the insert liner for cutting during the repair
  6. A concrete float – used to smooth concrete during repair
  7. A concrete edger – to create a groove for the pourable sealant during repair
  8. A concrete brush – used to finish the concrete during repair
  9. A measuring caliper – used to determine the overall height of the manhole frame

*Not pictured but included in the Water Valve Rebuild Package:

  • 2 – 20v batteries
  • 2 – chargers