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Material Package 30″ (Materials for Approx. 20 Manholes)

Part # A-MM0334
Weight: 825 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 42"x64"x80"


The Mr Manhole Material Package contains all the material needed (minus the ready mix concrete) to complete a Mr. Manhole repair.

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Repair manholes quickly and easily with our material packages.

The Mr. Manhole system also includes materials to repair the manhole after the frame has been removed from the road grade. Using a chimney liner, sealant, re-rods, and more, our method means the newly repaired manhole is flush with the road, creating a seal that water can’t penetrate, so the life of the manhole is extended.

The material used for manhole rebuilding is offered in two standard sizes, 27” and 30”(other sizes available by special order). This represents the inside diameter of the liner material that is placed under the manhole frame to hold it at the appropriate height and slope until the concrete cures. The packages ship with the liner material, the white sealant tubes, the epoxy-coated reinforcement rings, the water stop strip, the concrete color, the pourable sealant, and the wire ties. The package will repair approximately 20 manholes. We provide all the repair Engineering specifications on our website as well as MSDS for all products.

30″ Material Package Includes:

Material for the rebuilding of about 20 manhole chimneys with an average repair height of 12 inches. Dimensions are 64″ by 42″ by 80″ high (includes skid). Our 30” package weighs 825 lbs. 

  1. Three 30″ Insert Liners 40.5” Length
  2. Three Cases of Solar Seal 900 Quart Sealant (12 tubes per case)
  3. 40 Re-Bar Rings
  4. Three Gallons of Pourable Sealant
  5. 180 ft. of Volclay Water Stop Strip
  6. Two Bags of Black Dye Powder
  7. One Package of Wire Ties (Quantity 100)

Looking for a different size?

We also offer a standard 27" Material Package