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Cookie Lifter

Part # A-MM0220
Weight: 425 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 55"x55"x19"


The Cookie Lifter is a device that clamps the “cookie” that is cut with the Cookie Cutter and removes it from the road. It can be used to load the cookie on a truck/trailer for removal.

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Cookie Lifter

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Repair underground utilities anywhere.

Cut a circle through the road and repair anything with our Cookie Lifter Package.

We have engineered the Cookie Cutter system to make road penetrations to repair underground utilities,anywhere within a road or other paved area. There is a full set of specifications available defining the penetration and the reinstatement of the road. This specification yields a high quality, long lasting repair. There is a round trench box that is certified for human entry to -10’ deep.

The Cookie Cutter Package is designed to cut a 74” circle through the pavement at any point using only a 1.25” hole as a centering point. The system includes a mechanized lifting device to lift the “Cookie” from the road. This is useful for accessing and repairing broken water lines or other utilities. When you are ready to do road excavations the right way, get the Cookie Cutter!

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The benefits of the Cookie Lifter system:

centering device

The Platinum cutter with the bolt-on centering device.

The cookie being pulled from the road.

The round trench box during vacuum excavating.

Using the Cookie Lifter System in conjunction with the Mr. Manhole cutter

Using the Cookie Lifter system is very simple. Your crew simply drills a 1.25” diameter hole over the affected utility using the included battery-powered drill. Then, cut a 74” hole through asphalt or concrete in minutes with the Mr. Manhole cutter, which will mount on your skid loader. The operator is protected from silica through our Mr. Mister tool which can also be installed on the cutter.

The “cookie” is lifted directly on a waiting truck via the Cookie Lifter, which is included in the package. A round personnel protection cage (certified to 10 feet deep) is placed in the excavation and vacuum excavating begins. The cage slides into place as the excavation is deepened and holds the adjacent fill in place. This way, the utility is exposed and can be repaired as needed.

The backfill process is well-engineered and ensures adequate compaction of fill material leading to a reliable repair at the road surface. The area directly over and around the utility is restored following guidelines established by the utility owner. This includes any coverings or sand that would be needed to directly preserve the utility.

From this stage, the excavation is raised in six-inch compacted lifts using approved fill and raising the cage at each stage. This tiered approach preserves the integrity of the surrounding road base. At the pavement level, we are following the same stringent requirements set forth in the original road-building specifications.

Our newest package is engineered to be smarter, faster, and safer

Like all of our tools, our Cookie Lifter Package is designed to make road repairs easier and more efficient for construction crews. If your crew routinely repairs utilities buried under the road grade, this package will be a game-changer.

The Cookie Lifter Package includes:

  • Battery-powered hammer drill
  • A 1.25” masonry bit
  • A bolt-on centering device
  • 70” x 36” round trench box with lift points

This is the only practical, affordable, and fully engineered solution for road penetration in the world. The system protects adjacent pavement and base material and leaves no corners for future cracking and maintenance. There is virtually no labor required with this system. The system is extremely fast, more economical and gives a high quality, attractive result every time.