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Savings Calculator


What is it for?

Showing dollar savings from repairing manhole chimneys correctly

This calculator is great for telling how much money can potentially be saved by using the Mr. Manhole Manhole Chimney Repair Method. It is going to show you how much money you will save over time by doing your manhole repairs correctly!

Simply add the numbers you feel are reasonable for your city in each box, and hit calculate. Read your incredible savings in the total box!

The initial cost of the Mr. Manhole tools.
Labor cost per man-hour. This should be the total cost to employ your crew members including benefits and all related costs.
In this box put the amount your city is paying an installer for the Mr. Manhole repair, or the amount of labor and material for your City’s crew to do the repair The Mr. Manhole way. See Cost comparison for cost data.
Enter the correct cost for your city to treat sewage per 1,000 gallons.
Gallons per manhole (e.g. 50 gallons a day per manhole)
Enter the number of manholes you will repair using the Mr. Manhole tools and methods in one year.
Enter the number of water valves you will repair using the Mr. Manhole tools and methods in one year.
Life of a Mr. Manhole repair.