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B52 On Bobcat
Does the Mr. Manhole System Meet OSHA Silica Regulations?

How Mr. Manhole Keeps You OSHA Compliant for Silica

Silica dust, a pervasive and often invisible hazard in today’s manhole rebuilding industry, is a matter of increasing concern. Found commonly in operations involving the cutting of bricks, tiles, concrete, and some plastics, silica particles are an astonishing 100 times smaller than a grain of sand. This microscopic size means manhole rebuilding workers could be inhaling harmful silica without realizing

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construction worker holding hardhat

Manhole Repairs Can Wreck Your Crew Safety Record

In the military you can qualify for hazardous duty pay. Manhole repair should qualify for hazardous duty pay. Manhole repairs have a terrible track record for injuries. The reasons are pretty obvious. The saws and air hammers that are typically used to remove the manhole frames from the road, are heavy and awkward to lift. The manhole frames are heavy

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Square Manhole Repair

Why You Need a Specified Manhole Repair Method

It is always best to plan a project before you start working. “If you give me six hours to cut down a tree, I’ll spend the first four hours sharpening my axe” Abraham Lincoln Tweet Engineered methods are always superior to ,”shoot from the hip” methods. Engineered methods are carefully thought through by people who are trained to properly design

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gray manhole lid on cobblestone street

Manhole frame and Lid Adjustments Pay Off!

You have a lot of manholes in your system. Sometimes it can be easy to put off maintaining that huge number of manholes. It’s kind of “out of sight, out of mind”. The people who drive over those structures every day can’t put them “out of sight” however. You might want to identify the most deteriorated manholes and make those

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using the cookie cutter system

Cookie Cutter System for road penetrations

“Road Penetrations Done Right!” Modern roadways are engineering marvels. They are subjected to the abuse of thousands of trucks and automobiles pounding over them day in and day out. They survive the harsh elements of winter cold and summer heat. This amazing durability is no accident but the result of sophisticated, time proven engineering. The contractors who perform road construction

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white manhole with tank

Water Valve Boxes Should be Adjusted every Paving Cycle!

Every time you pave a street the utility access points such as manholes and storm drains get adjusted to the new pavement elevation. Water valve boxes sometimes get overlooked and are not adjusted. We all know what a pain it is to adjust water valve boxes and it just seems it isn’t worth the hassle. Well, new tools and methods

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Milling and Paving

If You are a Street Paver, Dealing With Manholes Wisely is a Must!

Asphalt paving is a 30 Billion Dollar sector of the U.S economy. Pavers often invest millions in paving equipment. Pavers have a lot of the same problems as other construction related businesses have, finding and retaining great employees. Most of the jobs available in the paving industry require skills and experience. When a Paving company makes an investment in equipment

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Image of a manhole cover in need of proper repair

5 Ways Replacing a Manhole Cover Benefits the City

You are a municipal decision maker. Every decision you make is carefully planned considering the cost and the return on investment. You have a significant number of manhole in your system that you would love to level up and bring back to specification. You want to make sure that is the best place to invest your resources. You know there

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Mr. Manhole Rebuild Process

Signs a Manhole Requires Immediate Attention

You are in charge of a lot of things as a municipal decision maker. Manholes might not seem like the highest priority when Mrs. Jenson is demanding the lawn at the park needs mowed before the ladies glee club has their annual picnic, and Dr. Strickland is asking why his street hasn’t been repaved in ten years. But, manholes need

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The Importance of Timely Manhole Repairs

As a municipal manager your professional life is filled with projects and responsibilities. You hardly have time to consider more projects. Often a small shift of priorities can yield tremendous results and save you a lot of time and resources. With new manhole repair technology, the task of maintaining manholes has become much easier so you have some great options! Take a

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