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Newcon Plate 3/4″ (Wood)

Part # P-MM0607
Weight: 16 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 40"x45"x5"


The Newcon Wood Plate is a great solution if you are tired of the escalating steel prices.  This wood plate is constructed of durable, 3/4” marine plywood so it’s designed for a long service life. In conjunction with the 11-1/2” inner steel plate (P-MM0605) it is incredibly strong and light. You can remove the manhole frame and place this plate over the manhole cone. Now mill and pave right over the manhole. After paving, use the Mr. Manhole Cutter to cut and pull the plate for reinstatement of the manhole frame and lid. Use the plate over and over. All the parts are easily replaceable.

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Mill and Pave right over Manholes

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