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The Gold Series 6-Shooter

Here is the latest in manhole repair technology, with no other company in the world offering a similar tool. With the Mr. Manhole system, your crew can cut out manholes in about 10 minutes and replace them in an hour.


Uniquely designed to cut out manhole frames using a round cut instead of square

Specifically crafted for high volume manhole repairs, with increased power, speed, and durability

Six arms and cutting blades armed with cutting teeth that easily cut through concrete and asphalt

The 6-Shooter features an adjustable cutting diameter from 28’ to 60″

Fast • Safe • Affordable

A revolutionary time-tested product to remove and replace man holes

Starting At $7,999

Ideal For Small Contractors

The B-52 is the most affordable manhole cutter in the world.

Designed to cut manhole lids from the road quickly and efficiently, without laborious work, while saving you time and money.

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With four arms and four cutting blades, the B-52 manhole cutter has a cutting diameter of 52”.
The B-52 systems allows the operator to see the operation clearly. The whole system is run on a skid steer loader.
The low starting cost makes this system perfect for contractors and small municipalities.

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