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innovating the manhole repair industry

We’ve been building our company since 2002.

Now, we’re being recognized for our work to innovate the manhole repair industry and have been featured by many media companies in the last few years.

As one of the leaders in manhole frame repair and replacement, we’ve been working to bring new ideas and products to an old process. When we got our start in 2002, we knew there had to be a better way. Through determination and grit, we developed our first product. Since then we have continually looked to improve our systems and tools to make the best manhole frame repair tools. In 2018, we launched our newest product (The Platinum Series Six Shooter) and are proud of the work we’ve done to move our industry forward.

Mr. Manhole Stats

  • We’ve produced hundreds of tools
  • Tens of thousands of repairs have used our system
  • We’ve saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • If you placed all the manholes cut out by our tools, it would be a line ten miles long

As our company has grown, we’ve started making waves in the construction and manufacturing industry. Our unique and innovative process has gained traction not only among our customers, but within the media as well. We’ve had the honor of being spotlighted in articles, videos, and on websites.

Here’s where we’ve been featured.

The Mr. Manhole system has been featured in many articles and magazines. Check them out below:

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The CW

Over 600,000 views!

Over 500,000 views!

Press Release

Mr. Manhole’s commercial misting system is the smarter, faster, safer solution to OSHA regulations.

Tech Insider UK
Over 3,000 views!