B-52 Manhole Cutter

The most affordable manhole cutter in the world

Named after the sturdy and efficient B-52 bomber, the B-52 manhole cutter from Mr. Manhole is the world’s most economical and effective manhole cutter. The best part? It’s also the most affordable, with packages starting at just $7,999.

With four arms and four cutting blades, each with four teeth, the B-52 manhole cutter has a cutting diameter of 52 inches. With 16 total carbide teeth, the B-52 can cut through concrete and asphalt, yet the teeth are easily changeable during operation. When teeth are worn out simply replace them in seconds and get back to the job.B-52 Manhole Cutter, Mr. Manhole, Construction, manhole removal, Delphos Ohio

The B-52 manhole system is designed to cut manhole lids from the road quickly and efficiently, without laborious work, while saving you time and money. It takes the cutter about 10 minutes to cut the manhole out of the road and pull it out, saving construction workers from injury and manual labor.

Designed to work with a skid steer loader, the B-52 systems allows the operator to see the operation clearly. The whole system is run on a hydraulic motor (available optional equipment), which is fed through the auxiliary of the skid steer loader.

The low starting cost makes this system perfect for contractors and small municipalities. We know you choose every tool based on your spending power. That’s why we developed the B-52 with cost-saving in mind. You’ll still get the benefit of the Mr. Manhole system, with proven results since 2002, without busting your budget. We’ve developed and tested our B-52 and know that it can stand up to the test. Repair and replace manholes in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

Fast Facts

  • Find My Skid LoaderConveniently attaches to your skid steer and auger drive with a 2″ Hex shaft, with a universal mount. (optional equipment)
  • Skid Steer Requirements: 20 gpm, minimum flow required, with 2,500 lbs minimum lifting capacity.
  • Completely removes the manhole frame and road surface in minutes.
  • Cuts both concrete and asphalt. Carbide teeth can be replaced in seconds, even on the job.
  • Comes with a 52″ cutting diameter. Adjustable to 34″ and 64″ with optional add-ons.
  • Designed for municipalities and contractors seeking to replace 50 or less manhole frames annually.

Full B-52 Cutter Package Includes

B-52 Cutter Package starts at $7,999.

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