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B-52 Cutter Customer Package

Part # K-MM0153
Weight: 900 lbs


This machine is absolutely amazing, just like it’s namesake the B-52 bomber, one tough cookie!  If you need one fixed cutting diameter, this cutter can cut them out all day long!  It has a fixed 52″ cutting diameter and four cutting blades. The B-52 is very stable to operate and it cuts very quickly by design. This package will get you in the game quickly. You will be efficient, safe and smart! Every engineer wants round cuts nowadays, and the B-52 Customer Package delivers!

Ships in two pallets:
Pallet #1: 49″L x 49″W x 41″H   Weight:  1150 lbs
Pallet #2: 48″L x 35″W x 34″H   Weight:    470 lbs

Be sure to roll the auger motor forward before cutting

B-52 Manhole Cutter designed for high-volume manhole frame repair

The B-52 cutter is a quick and easy solution to your manhole cutting needs and will give decades of maintenance free service.

K-MM0153 B-52 Customer Package

B-52 Cutter

B-52 Cutter

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Heavy Duty Auger Driver Model 40 2″ Hex Drive

Heavy Duty Auger Drive Model 40 2

2 of 10

Standard Speedplate

Standard Speedplate

3 of 10

Safety Bar

Safety Bar

4 of 10

Casting Lifter Bracket

Casting Lifter Bracket - Gold Series

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Extended Guide Shaft B-52 47”

Extended Guide Shaft Gold Series & B-52 47

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Debris Shield

Debris Shield

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Quick Change Teeth Gun Kit

Quick Change Teeth Gun Kit

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Lifting Magnet

Lifting Magnet

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Carbide Tooth and Roll Pin (Bag of 24)

Carbride Tooth and Roll Pin

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B-52 Customer Package

This package is the State of the Art for repairing manholes. It includes everything you need to remove manholes quickly for rebuilding.

  1. B-52 Cutter
  2. Heavy Duty Auger Drive Model 40 2” Hex Drive
  3. Standard Speedplate
  4. Safety Bar
  5. Casting Lifter Bracket
  6. Extended Guide Shaft B-52 47”
  7. Debris Shield
  8. Quick Change Teeth Gun Kit
  9. Lifting Magnet
  10. Carbide Tooth and Roll Pin (Bag of 24)

B-52 Manhole Cutter

Features The B-52 Manhole Cutter

The low starting cost makes this system perfect for contractors and small municipalities. We know you choose every tool based on your spending power. That’s why we developed the B-52 with cost-saving in mind. You’ll still get the benefit of the Mr. Manhole system, with proven results since 2002, without busting your budget. 

  • Conveniently attaches to your skid steer and auger drive with a 2″ Hex shaft, with a universal mount. (optional equipment)
  • Skid Steer minimum requirements: 20 gpm minimum flow, 2,500 lbs minimum lifting capacity.
  • Cuts concrete and asphalt. Carbide teeth can be replaced in seconds on the job.
  • The B-52 offers a Standard 52″ cutting diameter and can be modified to 34″ and 64″ with add-ons.
  • For municipalities and contractors that do not require the adjustability of the larger cutters.
B-52 Manhole Cutter

B-52 Manhole Cutter Add-on Packages

We also offer the B-52 Manhole Cutter Base Package