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Manhole drying

Case Study: Floorcoat Midwest, LLC

Location: Truman, MN
Industry: Trenchless Technology Solutions
Website: Floorcoat Midwest


Men digging manholeProject Overview

Floorcoat Midwest has been utilizing the Mr. Manhole leveling system since 2017 to enhance manhole and water valve adjustments, particularly within municipal settings. The system is praised for preventing inflow and infiltration (I&I) and for providing structural durability to withstand the harsh conditions of snow plowing.


The project was initiated to address specific challenges related to managing inflow and infiltration in manhole and water valve adjustments, as well as preventing damage to snow plowing equipment and roadway structures. With the efficient Mr. Manhole system, these adjustments were made swiftly and effectively, minimizing the impact on the public and ensuring timely completion.

Manhole digging equipmentTechnology

Floorcoat Midwest adopted the Mr. Manhole system across various projects, including a significant initiative in the City of Windom, MN, involving over 200 adjustments. The system’s design features a circular concrete formation around manholes, enhancing structural integrity and surface smoothness. Since 2017, the technology has seen continuous improvements, such as the transition to a 6-arm cutting device and replaceable shark teeth, making the system even more efficient and versatile.


The team initially estimated the project’s cost and timeline, ensuring a competitive bidding process. The project in Windom, MN, was completed within budget and ahead of schedule, thanks to the efficiency of the Mr. Manhole system. The reduced maintenance and repair costs for equipment and roadway structures further emphasized the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

Men working over manholeQuality

The quality of the repairs and adjustments made using the Mr. Manhole system exceeded expectations. Quality inspectors verified the structural integrity and sealing effectiveness, leading to a noticeable decrease in inflow at wastewater treatment facilities and enhanced durability of roadway surfaces.

Continuous Improvement

Mr. Manhole is committed to continuous improvement, taking contractor feedback seriously and enhancing the product based on real-world usage. With various versions available to suit different budget requirements, Mr. Manhole provides excellent customer service and training to ensure contractors and crews are well-versed in the system’s application, achieving the best results efficiently.


  • Significant reduction in I&I: At wastewater treatment facilities, leading to improved system performance.
  • Enhanced durability: The adjustments made using the Mr. Manhole system have proven to withstand the harsh conditions of snow plowing, reducing equipment damage and roadway repairs.
  • Cost savings: The durability and efficiency of the system have led to substantial savings in equipment repairs and maintenance.
  • High customer satisfaction: The increased adoption of the Mr. Manhole system by returning customers indicates high satisfaction and repeat business.


  • Jon Ketzenberg, Public Works Street Department Superintendent, City of Windom appreciated the fact the blades glides over the circular concrete eliminating costly damage to expensive equipment  as well as damage to the structure.
  • Rick Anderson, Public Works Water & Wastewater Superintendent noticed a significant decrease in inflow at our treatment facilities since implementing the Mr. Manhole system on all street improvement projects.

Traffic cones around a manhole


The implementation of the Mr. Manhole system by Floorcoat Midwest has proven to be a reliable and efficient solution for managing water and wastewater infrastructure. The system’s design and functionality have impressed both the clients and engineers involved, fostering a strong adoption rate across the region.


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