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Mr. Manhole VR goggles - Utility Expo 2023

Mr. Manhole Continues Steps into the Future: A VR Experience at The Utility Expo 2023

Man at Utility Expo 2023 using Mr. Manhole vr goggles

When you think of the utility industry, the latest virtual reality (VR) tech might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, that’s precisely the innovative approach Mr. Manhole embraced at this year’s Utility Expo. It was an event to remember, as attendees got a virtual, hands-on experience of the manhole restoration process, courtesy of Mr. Manhole’s unique VR application.

The Utility Expo itself was an eye-opener. Garnering the prestigious title of the #1 Trade Show in the utility industry, the event sprawled across 1.5 million square feet of exhibits from September 26-28th, 2023. Boasting more than 21,000 attendees and over 900 exhibitors, attendees had the exciting opportunity to try equipment, compare manufacturers on-site, and converse directly with manufacturers. AEM – Association of Equipment Manufacturers, the venerable show owner and producer, ensured a seamless experience.

Our Mr. Manhole VR showcase offered something different – a chance to walk step by step through their manhole restoration process.

Here's why this was a standout:

Engaging Immersive Experience:

VR is not just about wearing a fancy headset; it’s about experiencing a whole new reality. By immersing the user into the manhole restoration process, Mr. Manhole ensured that attendees were not mere observers but active participants. This heightened sensory engagement, where attendees could explore, interact, and view the restoration from various angles, promises a more profound understanding and recall.

Wow, I can’t believe how real the experience felt. It felt just like I was witnessing a manhole restoration

Jamie Makley

Customizable & Interactive Learning:

The beauty of VR lies in its adaptability. Attendees could navigate the process at their pace, revisiting sections of interest or focusing on specific components. Such interactivity ensures not only information absorption but also genuine engagement. The experiential learning that VR brings can evoke emotions, creating lasting memories that traditional demos often lack.

Highlighting the Mr. Manhole method, the VR demo showcased their pioneering approach:

Rebuild and Repair Manholes Smarter, Faster, and Safer: Since its inception in 2002, the Mr. Manhole Method has been the cornerstone of over 75,000 successful repairs. The VR demonstration enlightened users about the pitfalls of conventional square-cut manholes – whether it’s leakage leading to environmental concerns or unevenness posing traffic hazards. In contrast, the Mr. Manhole method, utilizing round cuts, has been proven to generate 20% less debris and require 20% less replacement material, making it the smart, efficient, and safe choice.

In the same way that Mr. Manhole has been forward thinking in its approach to manhole repair, we are looking forward with our approach to show and teach the method moving into the future.

Here’s the thing, we at Mr. Manhole didn’t just showcase a product at The Utility Expo; we provided an experience, a journey into the future of manhole restoration. By leveraging VR, they have demonstrated that even in an industry rooted in brick and mortar, innovation knows no bounds.

Crowd at the utility expo 2023

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