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Manhole Repairs Can Wreck Your Crew Safety Record

In the military you can qualify for hazardous duty pay. Manhole repair should qualify for hazardous duty pay.

Manhole repairs have a terrible track record for injuries. The reasons are pretty obvious. The saws and air hammers that are typically used to remove the manhole frames from the road, are heavy and awkward to lift. The manhole frames are heavy and awkward and have to be manhandled through the excavation around the manhole location. Workers trying to get the manhole frame and lid set to the appropriate height and slope are forced to lift and shim the manhole frame repeatedly risking injury on each lift. 

All points considered manhole repairs are dangerous unless you use more advanced methods like the one offered by the Mr. Manhole company. Mr. Manhole has totally redesigned the field of manhole repair, taking out most of the manual labor. Every part of the manhole repair process has been revised to eliminate manual labor and worker injury potential. Most Cities and companies have a Skid Steer Loader available. The heavy lifting in the Mr. The Manhole System is done largely by the Skid Steer. Even lifting the manhole frame and lid is done safely by way of a clever tool called the casting Lifter.

As an Employer you are responsible to provide safe equipment and methods for your employees to use.

Check out the latest technology that allows your crews to be more productive and safe.

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