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Mark Rite Tool

Part # A-MM0304
Weight: 50 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 42"x48"x18"


The Mark-Rite Tool is used to mark the Mr.Manhole liner material for cutting to the proper height and slope during the manhole rebuild process.

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The Mark-Rite is easy to break down into three sections for easy transport.​

There is no faster or more accurate tool to accomplish a task that used to be very challenging and time-consuming. Anyone who has struggled to get a manhole frame level is going to love this amazing tool!

Get your manhole repair perfectly level—every single time!

With the Mark-Rite tool, your crew can quickly and accurately mark the insert liner material for cutting.

The Mark-Rite tool is included as a part of the manhole rebuild package and is the culmination of years of research and design. The tool allows a single operator to easily perform the complex task of accurately marking the insert liner material for cutting. This places the manhole frame exactly level with the height and slope of the road surface every single time.

Mark-Rite Tool

With the Mark-Rite tool, the process is simple:

  • Measure the height of the manhole frame and set the Mark-Rite tool.
  • Roll the tool around the liner as it sets on the manhole cone.
  • It will leave a distinct and clear line.
  • After marking, remove the liner and cut on the line.
  • Place the manhole frame on the liner.

The tool can work with large diameter cuts up to 72”. Once the manhole frame is cut out and removed from the road, you will measure the height of the manhole frame and set the Mark-Rite tool to the appropriate height using the installed register. Then, roll the tool around the liner as it sets on the manhole cone, which will leave a distinct line. After marking the liner, your crew will simply cut it on the line and place the manhole frame on it. Level every time!

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The Mark-Rite Tool is available as part of the Manhole Rebuild Package or sold separately!