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Mr. Mister Silica Control

Part # A-MM0328
Weight: 21 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 25"x25"x13"


The Mr. Mister is a water misting system that blankets the cutter with a mist of water while the cutting is in progress. This mist mitigates the silica particals that are in the dust produced by the cutting. The unit bolts directly to the Mr. Manhole drive motor. The unit ships with all hardware needed. The unit requires water from a dealer supplied water tank.

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Mr. Mister Silica Control

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Our Mr. Mister is your solution to OSHA regulations.

Now available, our quick install, commercial misting system, the Mr. Mister which was developed to satisfy the new OSHA regulations regarding silica exposure control.

Easily use this attachment to control dust as you cut out concrete and asphalt.

After 46 years, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued new standards concerning crystalline silica. Crystalline silica is dangerous for workers and has been known to cause silicosis, respiratory diseases, lung cancer, and even kidney disease. The new rules are designed to protect workers from dangerous levels of silica.

As a result of the new silica regulations, Mr. Manhole has developed a new misting system for our cutter tools, which will control silica exposure for your crews and allow you to fully comply with the new regulations.

Mr. Mister is specifically designed to comply with new regulations.

The Mr. Mister system is specifically designed to comply with OSHA silica control regulations. The system uses water to control dust created by cutting concrete and asphalt. The main components are the spray head which bolts directly to the Model 40 drive motor, the flow control valve, a supply hose, a quick connect fittings mounting bracket, and all fittings and clamps. Even a handy hose clamp crimping tool is included!

The Mr. Mister system is designed to work with the skid loader manufacturers supplied water tank and pump, which all manufacturers offer. The flow rate on the Mr. Mister is adjustable, so you can have a flow rate range of .5 gallons per minute to one gallon per minute.

With the Mr. Manhole cutter tool and Mr. Mister mounted on a skid steer loader, your cutting and removing operation will fall under category 4.8 vehicle mounted drilling rig.

Mr Mister in action

This will bring you to up-to-date with requirements, which are as follows:

  • Use a dust collection system with close capture hood or shroud around drill bit
  • A low-flow water spray will need to wet the dust at the discharge point from the dust collector
  • Or, operate from within an enclosed cab and use water for dust suppression on drill bit

The Mr. Mister complies with this ruling by allowing crews to operate the system from inside an approved cab and by misting the cutting blades with water to control silica at the source.

Mr. Mister comes with:

  • Aluminum spray head (which resists corrosion)
  • Four adjustable filtered spray nozzles
  • Flow control valve to adjust spray pattern
  • 12.5 ft. high-quality water hose
  • Quick connect fittings located adjacent to hydraulic fittings for convenient hook-up
  • Fittings mounting bracket is a direct bolt-on for Bobcat skid loaders
  • Quick bolt-on installation with detailed instructions
Mr. Mister Brochure Cover

As always, our methods are designed to make the job easier and more efficient.

If you are going to remove manhole frames, you will create a silica hazard and you will need to comply with OSHA regulations. The Mr. Mister system makes compliance a breeze. Quick, easy, and affordable, the Mr. Mister system will be with you for the long haul keeping workers safe and protecting your operation from liability.

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