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Platinum Series Six Shooter Base Package

Part # K-MM0099
Weight: 2025 lbs


The Platinum Series Six Shooter Base Package is the starting point for a great manhole cutting system. The package includes the essentials for getting started in cutting, and removing manholes. You will receive the Platinum Series Six Shooter, the Standard Speedplate, the Debris Shield, the Safety Bar, and the Spare Parts Repair Kit. If you desire a more inclusive package, check out the Platinum Series Six Shooter Customer Package.

Ships in two pallets:
Pallet #1: 49″L x 49″W x 41″H
Pallet #2: 48″L x 35″W x 34″H

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K-MM0099 Platinum Series Six Shooter Base Package

Platinum Series Cutter

Platinum Series Six Shooter Customer Package

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Standard Speedplate

Standard Speedplate

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Debris Shield

Debris Shield

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Safety Bar

Safety Bar

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Spare Parts Repair Kit

Spare Parts Repair Kit

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Platinum Base Package

This package includes everything you need to remove manholes quickly for rebuilding.

  1. Platinum Series Six Shooter
  2. Standard Speedplate
  3. Debris Shield
  4. Safety Bar
  5. Spare Parts Repair Kit

Looking for something more? check out our Customer Package

Our Platinum Cutter Customer Package is ALL INCLUSIVE and Preferred by Contractors

Mr. Manhole Platinum Six Shooter Cutter