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Platinum Series Six Shooter Customer Package

Part # K-MM0098
Weight: 2700 lbs


When you purchase equipment you want the very best!  You use your equipment hard every day.  You take the big jobs and you demand the best of the best!  The Platinum Customer Package is your choice.  It’s big, it’s heavy, it cuts way faster than any other cutter.  The Platinum cuts a bigger diameter (72″) and it cuts deeper (16-20″) than any other cutter, anywhere!  It is easy on motors thanks to the Easy-Drive Top that cushions motor impact.  The additional weight of the Platinum Cutter enables it to plow through tough cutting jobs! This Platinum Cutter is the only cutter that can run the Cookie Cutter “Centering System”  [Part# A-MM0602].  If you want big and bad, this is your package.  It really does have it all!

Ships in two pallets:
Pallet #1: 56″L x 56″W x 41″H    Weight:  2215 lbs
Pallet #2: 48″L x 35″W x 34″H    Weight:    485 lbs

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Platinum Series Six Shooter designed for high-volume manhole frame adjustment

Our Six Shooter was specifically crafted for high volume manhole repairs, with increased power, increased speed, and increased durability that makes it tough enough to get the job done.

MM0098 Platinum Customer Package

Platinum Series Cutter

Platinum Series Six Shooter Customer Package

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Platinum Customer Package

Platinum Series Six Shooter

Features The Platinum Series Six Shooter

The Unit is designed to work with three amazing add-on packages: The Manhole Rebuild Package, the Water Valve Rebuild Package, and the Cookie Cutter Package. One machine, three amazing, time-saving functions! It’s the latest in manhole repair technology, and no other company in the world builds one like it.

  • Adjustability
  • Speed in cutting - Can remove a manhole in under 10 minutes with no labor.
  • Easy Drive Top protects drive motor from shock damage
  • Cuts a depth of 16” standard or 22” with optional equipment
  • The largest cutting diameter of any available cutter, up to 72″
  • A larger main frame for added durability in heavy use environments
  • Skid Steer minimum requirements: 20 gpm minimum flow, 2,500 lbs minimum lifting capacity.
Platinum Series Six Shooter

Platinum Six Shooter Add-on Packages

We also offer the Platinum Series Six Shooter Base Package