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Rental Package

Part # A-MM0352
Weight: 2650 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 52"x52"x78"

RENTAL PACKAGE – This is the complete Gold Series Rental Package. This package can be delivered to your jobsite and unloaded using only the universal mounting plate on your skid steer loader (no forklift required) . The package includes a Gold Series Six Shooter, Standard Speedplate, Speedplate Transport Hub, a Model 40 Auger Motor with universal mount and hoses, a Safety Bar for the Speedplate, an extra Speedplate Bumper Kit, a Debris Shield, an extra Extended Guide Shaft, extra teeth (24), a set of tools that you may need in the field, Ratchet Straps for securing the cutter and motor, a steel container to store and ship all the components safely, online training videos.

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