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Mr. Manhole Reviews

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Mr. Manhole technology in action in Ames, Iowa

Mr. Manhole technology in action in Ames, Iowa with an exploration of the rationale behind the Ames, Iowa sanitary sewer manhole rehabilitation project, highlighting the cost savings and benefits to municipalities of using the Mr. Manhole technology.

A spotlight on Brad Steenhoek and Save Our Sewers, showing how the use of Mr. Manhole technology has allowed him to grow his business and save time, labor and costs.

Phil McCoy talks about replacing 1,033 manholes using the Six Shooter

Phil McCoy used one of the Mr. Manhole Six Shooter Tools on an ARRA project in Ironton, OH that began in October 2009. The project includes the removal and replacement of 1,033 manhole chimneys within the street. Federal Stimulus funds were used in part to fund this project.

We purchased the Mr. Manhole Platinum Six-shooter a few weeks ago. Since that time we have cut 16+ box outs through concrete with no issues. Over the past few years our city, Cedar Falls, IA, has implemented a road sharing program for bicycles. For this to be achieved the street has been adjusted making some of our manholes in the wheel path of vehicles. The Mr. Manhole Markrite tool allows the riser tube to perfectly match the road height providing a near-seamless transition while driving over manholes. The Mr. Mister water spray system is also a must-have in my opinion. It greatly reduces the concrete silica in the air protecting the ground crew without the use of protective masks. I would recommend this product to any municipality or contractor that is looking to take the next step in manhole repairs.

Good Afternoon, Just wanted to let you know we have been using the six shooter and it works great! Thank You!

If any other of your customers need a reference please let me know. That is the best investment we ever made!!!! The first subdivision we went to had 16” of pave in some spots. The machine cut right through in saving us a ton of time and money.

We have had great success with the system including great support from the company. We like the ease and speed of the Mr. Manhole system as well as the great looks of the finished product. We are very pleased with the Mr. Manhole products.

The crew loves the labor and time savings that the Mr. Manhole tools provide and the residents enjoy the smooth transition between the manholes and the roadway.

Our staff has absolutely no complaints at all, they are a bunch of happy campers! It’s one of the best pieces of equipment we’ve ever bought, we’d recommend it to everyone. We’ve also had a chance to demonstrate it to State College Borough, Hawbaker Construction and many, many other townships and contractors. We definitely consider it money well spent…just wish we would have purchased it many years ago.

Everything is going great the tool works like a champ and has not only impressed me but our Public Works Director also. Should have done this long ago!

We are very pleased with the quality and speed of the Mr. Manhole system. We are looking forward to a good working relationship in the future.

The Mr. Manhole System works better in real life, than it does in the online video. We love the Mr. Manhole system in Pampa.

Regarding the recent Mr. Manhole repairs that were performed for the Village of Cridersville, Ohio. The on-road repairs were smooth and quickly done. The off-road Easyset system looks great and stopped a lot of leakage. I am well pleased with the total Mr. Manhole system.

Our organization never stops looking for the safest, most accurate, and efficient means of doing business. We consider innovation and technology to be an integral part of our overall “work smarter” business strategy. As part of this, we have been witness to many manufacturers whom make outlandish claims about how well their products perform. Yet, every now and again, we encounter one that not only lives up to its billing, but actually exceeds our expectations. After watching the online video and talking to a sales rep, I remained skeptical and indicated at the time that if it worked half as well as advertised, then our organization would likely be very interested. What we saw was a demonstration that rendered all 25 or so nearly speechless. With my own two eyes, I witnessed a 27” manhole being cut out, removed in one piece (grade rings and all), reset, and finished to grade with the tolerance of a paper business card in less than an hour. First you accomplished it with your 2 employees, but then repeated it with two of our guys and the results, basically identical! Wow!!! The Mr. Manhole system truly is one of those unique products that delivers value at every conceivable level. So if the idea of increasing profits, lowering risks, and improving quality appeal to you, then I guess that the next step is up to you. Adjusting iron in the San Francisco Bay Area will never be the same. Keep up the good work!

I have been involved with this type of work for 30 years and have never seen the manhole lid and frame, after being raised, not create a small bump in roadway. Your product and workmanship has proved it can be placed without the bump. I want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of the manhole leveling system and service your company provided. We would recommend your company to others because of the wonderful service and product you provided.

The City of Washington purchased the Mr. Manhole System in 2009 and we have completed nearly 80 manhole repairs using the tools. The crew loves the labor and time savings that the Mr. Manhole tools provide and the residents enjoy the smooth transition between the manholes and the roadway. The Mr. Manhole System has worked great and we like the I&I savings too. The tools have helped the City of Washington provide a better manhole repair system.

We have been using Mr. Manhole for 8 years now. It is a mandatory tool for adjustments.It is quicker, cleaner, and provides a better finish product. The service from Mr. Manhole is spot on.

We did some practice holes with it [the system] last week just to get feel for how it works. The crew was impressed with how fast it cuts. The first manhole didn’t quite end up level, the other two were perfect. We will be doing our first large scale job next week on Main & D Street. We’re all looking forward to it.