Why Choose a Mr. Manhole Tool?

When we developed the Mr. Manhole tools, our goal was to improve on a system that was costly, time-consuming, and dangerous. It was in 2002 that we built the first prototype tools. Since then, we have continued to improve the tools to ensure the best solution for our customers. Simply put, the tool helps construction crews in three ways: they save money, time, and they boost professionalism and morale. Here’s the lowdown.

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Save Time

Save Time

Our cutters are the world’s fastest. One operator can easily cut 16 to 20 manhole frames a day. A five-man crew can repair between eight and 10 manholes a day using the Mr. Manhole system. The tools offer labor savings. Cutting and removing the manhole frame is reduced to a one-man job. They drastically reduce costly traffic control hours due to the speed of repair.

The Mr. Manhole cutters are safer for crews. All of the heavy lifting is performed by the machine, significantly lowering risk of worker injuries. This lowers workman’s compensation rates for your business.

Save Money

Save Money

Our round cut saves you 20 percent in material removed and replaced when compared to a square cut. Our cutters limit the amount of equipment you take to the worksite. You need only the cutter and a skid-steer loader.

In addition, our repair method will yield a water treatment cost savings, potentially millions of gallons of water.

Excellent Reputation

Reputation for Excellence

By choosing the Mr. Manhole tools, your crews will be using the finest, cutting-edge equipment. Mr, Manhole cutters are now being used in most states in the U.S. and in eight countries around the world. The list of users is growing daily.

Mr. Manhole offers the world’s only fully engineered removal and replacement system for manhole rehabilitation.

The Mr. Manhole system gives you a huge advantage over the competition. It improves your crew’s image. Crews want to use the latest and most efficient equipment, outdated tools and methods are not good for crew morale.

We have developed a commercial misting system, which was designed to satisfy the new OSHA regulation regarding silica exposure control. Your crews will have to be protected from silica exposure by law. We have a complete silica exposure control plan available for your business available on our website.

You will receive the benefit of public perception. The speed of repairs and smooth final product make this method attractive to the public. Drivers appreciate how quickly road repair is completed.

Increase Productivity

Improve Productivity

Our manhole cutters work to improve crew morale by making the manhole repair process safer. When a company recognizes their responsibility regarding worker safety, it reciprocates in a more positive company/worker relationship. By removing the need for hard labor and decreasing the risk of injury, the crews are safer and more comfortable on the job.

By using the Mr. Manhole tools, crews take more pride in their work and produce a more quality product.

The Mr. Manhole tools optimize your workforce, making each man-hour many times more productive.


Proven Method

When compared to the Mr. Manhole tool and repair systems, old methods of manhole rehabilitation are archaic. Old ways are hard on crews, with higher cost related to time off due to injury. Not only is the labor more difficult, old methods are time consuming and inefficient. Previously, it took nearly a day to repair just one manhole. More material is required and the repair simply doesn’t last as long.

The world is recognizing the improvement the Mr. Manhole tools have brought to manhole rehabilitation. The tools are being used throughout the world to repair and improve roads. Tens of thousands of manhole frames have been removed and repaired using our system. Crews have found the tool and system to be simpler, quicker, and a better solution overall.

Get on board today and let the Mr. manhole system propel you to new profits and professionalism.