Six Shooter Gold Series

A state-of-the-art complete manhole repair system

The Gold Series Six Shooter is the latest in manhole repair technology, with no other company in the world offering a similar tool. Uniquely designed to cut out manhole frames using a round cut instead of square, the Six Shooter makes manhole removal and repair easier, faster, and safer for construction crews.

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With the Mr. Manhole system, your crew can cut out manhole frames and the surrounding road in about 10 minutes and finish the job in an hour. In comparison, it takes one to three days to repair a single manhole using the conventional way.


As the name implies, the Six Shooter has six arms and six cutting blades that are each armed with four teeth, easily cutting through concrete and asphalt. Once the teeth have worn out, they are easily changed, right there on the job site. Simply replace them in seconds and get back to the job.

The Six Shooter features an adjustable cutting diameter from 28″ to 60″ (up to 72″ with optional Extended Arm Adapters), easily adjusted in seconds on the job site without extra tools. The blades have a cutting depth of 14” (20″ with Extended Blades). Do you cut out more than just manholes? The underslung adapters are also able to cut water valve boxes out as well.

Weighing in at 1,200 lbs, the Six Shooter will take the work out of manhole repair. Even if it experiences resistance, the weight of the machine will carry it through smoother compared with lighter machines. And, working much like a hammer drill, the Six Shooter also bounces up and down, which increases its cutting ability even more.

Designed to work with a skid steer loader, the Six Shooter system allows the operator to see the operation clearly.

The whole system runs on a heavy-duty auger drive, which is fed through the auxiliary of the skid steer loader with included hydraulic hoses. The auger motor features a 2 ½ hex shaft.

Our Six Shooter was specifically crafted for high volume manhole repairs, with increased power, increased speed, and increased durability that makes it tough enough to get the job done. With the Mr. Manhole system, you can cut and pull out a manhole frame in as little as 10 minutes, reducing time spent in dangerous traffic and virtually eliminating manual labor and heavy lifting. Our system is the safest available to contractors and cities, with less injury to workers. You’ll get the job done safer and quicker, so you can move onto the next manhole.

The heavy duty Six Shooter is perfect for large contractors and municipalities. With proven results since 2002, we know the Six Shooter will make your job easier and safer, so you can repair and replace manholes in a fraction of the time required for traditional methods. Want to learn what other contractors have to say? Check out our testimonials, here.

Fast Facts

  • Find My Skid LoaderFor high volume manhole frame removal. One operator can cut and remove a manhole frame and the surrounding road surface in minutes.
  • Conveniently attaches to your skid steer with included heavy duty auger drive, custom built, with a 2 ½ inch hex shaft.
  • Skid Steer Requirements: 30 gpm minimum flow, with a 2,500 lbs minimum lifting capacity.
  • Cuts both concrete and asphalt. Carbide teeth can be replaced in seconds, even on the job.
  • Adjustable Cutting Diameter: 28″ to 60″ (up to 72″ with optional Extended Arm Adapters).
  • Cutting diameter can be adjusted in seconds, on the job site, with no tools required.
  • Cutting Depth: 14” (20″ with Extended Blades). Cuts water valve boxes as well.
  • High & Low Flow- 22 to 25 GPM flow for low flow 30 to 35 GPM flow for high flow between 3000 & 4500 PSI lifting 2500 lbs. or more.
  • No drain line required

6-Shooter Gold Series PackageFull Gold Series Six Shooter Package Includes

The Gold Series Six Shooter starts $21,999.

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