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B-52 Cutter Base Package

Part # K-MM0154
Weight: 955 lbs


B-52 Cutter Base Package Includes: Standard Speedplate, Safety Bar, Transport Hub and Debris Shield. This is the basic cutter for those who already own the items needed to complete a set up for operation of the cutter.

Ships in two pallets:
Pallet #1: 49″L x 49″W x 41″H
Pallet #2: 48″L x 35″W x 34″H

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K-MM0154 B-52 Series Cutter Base Package

B-52 Cutter

B-52 Cutter

1 of 4

Standard Speedplate

Standard Speedplate

2 of 4

Safety Bar

Safety Bar

3 of 4

Debris Shield

Debris Shield

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B-52 Base Package

This package includes everything you need to remove manholes quickly for rebuilding.

  1. B-52 Cutter
  2. Standard Speedplate
  3. Safety Bar
  4. Debris Shield

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Our B-52 Manhole Cutter Customer Package is ALL INCLUSIVE and Preferred by Contractors

5-52 Mr. Manhole Cutter