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5 Questions to Ask a Potential Contractor for Manhole Frame and Lid Adjustments.

When choosing a contractor to adjust manhole lids and frames, there are important questions to ask to ensure that you’re getting the most from the project. Sometimes the quality of work is less than desirable, workers get injured on the job, traffic control may not be properly managed, or the contractor cannot complete the project on time. For more info, check out: Manhole repair systems.

To make sure you are getting the best contractor, and ultimately a high-quality repair, ask these questions about the contractor. Learning some important things about the contractor will put your mind at ease about the repairs, and ensure the project will be high-quality and cost-effective.


  • Are they insured?


With the presence of heavy machinery and often dangerous tools, a good contractor will have liability insurance. Remember what we said about putting your mind at ease? This is the first and probably most important step.

Worker injury and other damages are too big of risks to take with an uninsured contractor. This question is vital for finding the right contractor, and for making sure you won’t need to worry.


  • What tools and method are they using?


You don’t need to be an expert on manhole repairs or equipment for this to be a revealing question. The best contractors will undoubtedly be using high-quality tools, and employing some proven methods for making repairs. Will they control traffic themselves, or hire out? Depending on the area that needs repairs, this could be important.

Determine what the most commonly used methods other contractors are using. Which tools or machinery are most common? Are customers pleased with the quality of these methods? This will give you a better idea of who is using the most practiced methods, and who is not. Ultimately, you will end up with quality, efficiency, and fewer problems.


  • What specifications are they using?


Pay special attention to the specifications being followed by a contractor. If you can, take a look at some of their past work. Do they adhere to specifications, and do those specifications stand the test of time?

Mr. Manhole has a proven set of specifications designed to complement the Six Shooter cutter in making repairs fast, safe, and as effective as possible. The Mr. Manhole specifications make the system faster and more effective.


  • What is their experience level?


 Ask how long contractors have been doing what they do, and what some of their most recent projects were. Do their employees have the proper training and experience?

A contractor that hires skilled employees and has a proven track record will produce the best result. You are expecting efficiency and high quality, and an experienced contractor should be able to provide that consistently.


  • Will the repairs be smooth when they’re done?


A great result depends on many factors. A lot of these factors were included in numbers 1-4 that you just read. But there is an important question you need to ask in order to get a smooth manhole frame adjustment.

Start by asking how a contractor measures the smoothness of their final product. This may tie into the specifications that the contractor is using. Has the measurement or method they use worked in the past?

Ask your prospective contractor the important questions beforehand, and you’ll be rewarded with a fast, smooth, and high-quality result!


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