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Manhole frame and Lid Adjustments Pay Off!

You have a lot of manholes in your system. Sometimes it can be easy to put off maintaining that huge number of manholes. It’s kind of “out of sight, out of mind”. The people who drive over those structures every day can’t put them “out of sight” however. You might want to identify the most deteriorated manholes and make those structures a repair priority. You might want to set a goal of repairing a certain number of manholes each year. By selecting a good repair method you can make certain your repairs will last a long time. By keeping an eye on the cost of your repair method you will be able to stay within your budget while doing a good number of manhole repairs. Consider doing manhole repairs as you are completing paving projects as this is the most cost effective method of repairing your manholes.

How will manhole frame and lid adjustments pay off?

First and foremost, you will be preventing any further deterioration of the manhole structure and the surrounding pavement. Often a deteriorating manhole can deposit falling bricks or concrete into the sewer line creating clogs, so you will be preventing that. You will be assuring the free access to the manholes that is required for proper maintenance. You will be preventing snow plow strikes which can be very expensive and dangerous. You will have an opportunity to assess the condition of the frames and lids and replace as required, preventing lid failure in the future. If you do the manhole repairs properly, you will prevent ” I and I “ which adds up to a significant cost savings over time. If you select the appropriate repair method you will be extending the life of the manhole chimney section up to four times longer leading to huge cost savings. Your constituents will love the smooth driving experience as the manholes are properly repaired.
In summary, there are a lot of benefits to be gained by repairing manhole chimneys the right way. Get your program going today and check out all the resources available by visiting Mr. Manhole.

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