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A Manhole shouldn’t be a pothole

A Manhole shouldn’t be a pothole

You likely know where all the potholes are throughout your regular driving schedule in a day. You probably have them “pre-programmed” into your daily route to work, the school, and the grocery store. You might not even realize that you avoid them, it’s probably second nature. BUT when you forget that one time or you come across a ‘new’ manhole that has sunk into the pavement you hit that bone jarring dip, you have a new spot to remember.

The problem is that as the new asphalt is poured to make the road smooth and clean, the manhole does not get an upgrade because, let’s face it, usually it involved a LOT of work, the nice road loses a bit of charm due to all the dips.

Sometimes municipalities are on top of the situation and instead of the huge divot that can be formed, the manhole becomes a ‘road turtle’ that is raised above the asphalt and scrapes the bottom of your car.

The question is raised, “Why are manholes always right in the place on the road that seemingly does the most damage to a vehicle?” The answer is that utilities must be within the right of way. In cases where this regulation has changed, it’s just not feasible to move them. Also, during road widening project, utilities cannot be moved due to so many of them, sewer, cable, water, stormwater detention and more, sharing the same limited space.

Hitting potholes damage your vehicle. It can cause misalignment, tire puncture or bent rims.

Pothole damage includes:

  • Damage and wear on tires
  • Premature wear on shocks and struts
  • Suspension damage
  • Exhaust system damage
  • Engine damage

While we cannot offer a solution to all potholes, we do have a way to solve the manhole that has become a pothole. Our system levels the manhole with the roadway to eliminate numerous problems with the roadway both for community and municipality vehicle drivers.

Your municipality can take steps to hire a contractor that utilizes our Mr. Manhole system that will quickly and easily remove the current manhole and rehabilitate it so that it sits level with the surrounding road. This will eliminate countless of dollars and hours of time spent repairing damage to vehicles. This will also help with maintaining municipality snowplows and school buses, etc, saving money.

The Six Shooter system was designed for high volume manhole repairs. It’s power, speed and durability make it easy to get the job done. It takes as little as 10 minutes to cut and pull out the manhole frame, which translates to far less time spent re-routing the traffic of aggravated commuters. The job will get done faster and much safer while providing a smooth pavement for drivers to enjoy.


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