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Mr. Manhole, Delphos, Ohio

The Mr. Manhole line of cutter isn’t just for manholes

There are many uses for the Mr. Manhole line of manhole cutters. They’re great for repairing sunken manholes and can be used in repave or reconstruction to raise or level manhole frames and lids. With each manhole repair, the frame and cover are perfectly level with the new pavement, remain durable through use, and they even look awesome!

But what people don’t realize is that the Mr. Manhole tools have some other really cool uses. With the included underslung adapters, your crews can cut a 28” circle around a water valve box, quickly removing and replacing it while ensuring it is level with the road.

See how to cut out a valve box using the Mr. Manhole method here:


Every city has a wide array of utilities running underneath busy streets. Often these utilities need service. Water lines may develop leaks or need repairs at a lateral level. Gas lines also need attention, usually at a specific location in the roadway. Storm sewer lines break down and need some attention, normally requiring excavation.

In the past, huge concrete saws with 30” blades were used to cut squares into the roadway and then air hammers were used to break out the paving, taking up valuable time and energy. With Mr. Manhole tools, your crews can quickly cut a large diameter hole over the affected utility and hydro vac the material to expose the utility for repair. The system’s round cut is better because it requires less material to be excavated, is less harmful to the roadway, and is much more durable. If needed, a round trench box can be used for deeper excavations.

The cost savings from using the Mr. Manhole method are phenomenal, not only in material savings but in drastically reducing labor cost. The tools remain popular because they offer speed of repair and crew safety.

See how you can finish in half the time here:



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