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Why Mr. Manhole is Perfect for Contractors

Why Mr. Manhole is Perfect for Contractors

It is vital that you choose the appropriate technique to rehab a manhole to extend its life, and also to ensure cost efficiency. You need a method that will provide a long-term solution to the problem, be municipality-friendly with proven successes. When looking at techniques you will want to study case histories and confer with other contractors who have experience with various equipment and materials and have a proven track record.

Mr. Manhole is the perfect tool for your manhole rehab contracts for many reasons:

Work Smart and Efficiently

  • Using round cuts, as opposed to the usual square cut and jackhammer method
  • For both concrete and asphalt
  • Generate 20% less debris
  • Therefore, use 20% less replacement material
  • Lower cost in disposal and replacement
  • Fewer workers on the job
  • No more jackhammering, lower risk of injury
  • 2 man job as opposed to crew


  • Increase your business with a tool developed specifically for high volume of manhole repairs
  • Increase your business through easier work with our Mr. Manhole tools
  • Increase your job completion rate
  • Increase durability and longevity of manhole rehab

Quick & Accurate

  • A manhole can be removed with grade rings, reset and finished in less than an hour
  • Compare to 1-2 manhole rehabs in one day the conventional way

Better Finished Product

  • Round cuts mean fewer cracks = better quality finish
  • Better at stopping leakage
  • Waterproof
  • Vacuum testable
  • Requires no chimney seal
  • Residents enjoy the smooth transition between the road and the manhole
  • No bump or corner is better for municipality snow plow and other vehicles
  • Municipalities will love the product and give you more work

Great customer service

  • Our goal is to provide the very best service to you, our customer
  • Personal attention while selecting your equipment
  • Onsite crew training available for specific equipment
  • We understand the necessity of timely service so that your projects stay moving and profitable

For 14 years we have been working with contractors, like yourself, to continue bringing better equipment, systems, great customer service and to help you build a better business. We do one thing right and that is to create and manufacture tools that repair manhole frames. Products are manufactured locally here in Ohio and as a ‘hometown’ business, we understand the unique challenges and needs of your contracting business. Our goal is to help you work at a pace that is efficient, profitable with a reputation that continues to build your business. Give us a call or check out our choices of equipment before your next manhole rehab job, you will be glad you did.


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