Platinum Series Six Shooter

Meet our top-of-the-line manhole cutter

Platinum Series Six Shooter

Introducing the New

Platinum Series 6-Shooter

The latest Mr. Manhole product to hit the market is our Platinum Series Six Shooter. Featuring the largest cutting diameter and deepest cutting depth in our Mr. Manhole tool lineup, the new system is specifically designed to take manhole cutting and removal to a new level of ease and efficiency.

Taking what we’ve learned and developed over the last 15 years, after tens of thousands of manhole repairs, our designers have reviewed every element of the Mr. Manhole repair process with the goal of streamlining. The focus was to improve functionality and durability while getting the job done easier and safer.

Uniquely designed for high-volume manhole frame repair

The Platinum cutter is a sophisticated solution to your repair needs. If you repair manholes, water valves, or do road penetrations to repair utilities, this cutter is for you. No one else offers a tool that can perform all these functions.

  • The Easy-Drive System minimizes shock on the drive motor
  • Extended cutting depth. 16″ with standard blades and 20″ with extended blades
  • A larger main frame for added durability in heavy use environments–the new mainframe is 4” larger in diameter and 200 lbs. heavier
  • Includes the popular quick-change tooth gun for quickly changing teeth
  • Includes a maintenance repair kit for quick changes on the job site
  • Cutter parts are artfully finished in orange powder coating and zinc plating

Platinum ManualSkid Loader Requirements GuidePlatinum Manual – Spanish

Smarter, Faster, Safer

Every little piece and part has been examined and redesigned to make this our most advanced and easy-to-use tool yet

What sets it apart?

It’s the details that matter and the Platinum Series Six Shooter is full of them

Easy-Drive System

Easy-Drive System Reduces shock damageRepairs are costly and we know you don’t have time for them. So we created the Easy-Drive System to protect the drive motor from shock damage.

Because the new Platinum Series Six Shooter is larger and heavier, this innovative shock reducing system protects the motor from the added weight and rotational impacts of the tool. It consists of an outer case and an inner drive axle. These are separated by a series of plates and cushions made of various materials that absorb the rotational force. The Easy-Drive system is the most advanced drive system ever produced and it comes included on the Platinum Six Shooter.

The Six Shooter is designed to bounce up and down during operation, similar to a hammer drill, so this shock reducing system will increase operator comfort during operation as well as protect the motor from damage. Ultimately, this will save you money on drive motor maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Protects the drive motor from rotational impacts and damage
  • Consists of an outer case and an inner drive axle, separated by a series of plates and cushions
  • made of materials that absorb the rotational force
  • Increases operator comfort during the cutting process
  • It is the most advanced drive system ever produced

The Platinum Six Shooter is a tool designed for the serious manhole repair specialist who is doing thousands of manhole repairs. You do not have time for breakdowns. The Easy-Drive System allows you to accomplish repairs without costly downtime.

Debris Containment SystemDebris containment system

Newly designed for this system, the Platinum Series comes with a deploy and retract debris containment system that saves you time during the setup process.

Once you get to the job site, it’s easy to deploy and set up the debris containment system, which speeds up the whole cutting operation. Once you’re done, retract the debris containment system in seconds.

The new debris containment system attaches to the Platinum Six Shooter for easy transport.

Largest cutting diameter anywhere

The new cutter also has the largest cutting diameter of the Mr. Manhole lineup, easily extendable from 50″ to 72″. It takes just seconds on the job site to extend or reduce the diameter of the cutting tool. Add the optional Water Valve Rebuild Package and underslung adapters, and you can reduce the diameter to 28”. This accommodates a wide range of manhole types and sizes, including smaller water valve boxes.

The Platinum Series also has the greatest cutting depth compared to any other cutter, at 16″ deep. With the optional Extended Blades, you can cut to a depth of 20”, far exceeding industry standards.

Integrated tie-down points for transportIntegrated tie-down points

Even tie down for transport has been addressed with the integrated tie-down points. Once you get the tool on the transportation vehicle, simply attach the ties to the tie-down points. It takes just seconds and the whole tool is secure for travel.

The included casting lifter has also been redesigned to make it more user-friendly, and the included lid lifting magnet allows the operator to remove the manhole lid with minimal labor. This is ideal for safe lifting and moving of the manhole frame. It’s during this operation workers are vulnerable to injury. Carrying the frame is awkward, leading to back and hand injuries. The casting lifter and extensions allow up to four men to lift the manhole frame and lid. The manhole lid can be placed with the casting lifter and the lid magnet. Lid placement the old way is very dangerous.

Platinum SpeedplatePlatinum Speedplate

Our newly designed Platinum Speedplate has been updated to offer some great features that make it quicker and easier to operate. The hangers at the corners have been redesigned to be slotted instead of drilled, which allows for faster adjustments in the field. The adjusting wheel has also been redesigned to make adjusting the speedplate faster and easier.

Platinum Series Six Shooter

The Platinum Series Six Shooter is our top-of-the-line manhole cutter that features:

  • The Easy Drive top reduces operator fatigue and wear and tear on the skid loader.
  • A new deploy and retract debris containment shield is easier to set-up and tear-down
  • The largest cutting diameter of any available cutter, up to 72″
  • A larger main frame for added durability in heavy use environments.

The Unit is designed to work with three amazing add-on packages. The Manhole Repair Package, the Water Valve Repair Package, and the Cookie Cutter Package. One machine, three amazing, time-saving functions! It’s the latest in manhole repair technology, and no other company in the world builds one like it.

Platinum Series Six Shooter Package

Starts at $28,900

The Basic Kit includes:

  • The Platinum Six Shooter
  • Model 40 Hydraulic Drive Motor with Universal Mount and Hose Kit
  • Platinum Speedplate
  • Casting Lifter with Four Man Lifting Extensions
  • Lid Lifting Magnet (attaches to casting lifter)
  • Roll-Up Debris Containment System
  • Quick Change Gun (teeth removal and replacement)
  • Repair Kit (includes common onsite wear items)
  • Extra Guideshaft
  • Comprehensive Manual available in English and Spanish
  • Safety Bar
Six Shooter Package

Platinum Six Shooter Add-On Packages

We want to offer our customers the very best manhole cutter on the planet and offer it with customized packages that give you just what you need to do your job. Depending on your needs, these add-ons packages give your crew the right tools they need to get the job done right.

Manhole Repair Package

Our Manhole Repair Package has everything you need to fully rehabilitate manhole frames the right way. Includes our Mark-Rite tool, which allows a single operator to easily perform the complex task of accurately marking the insert liner material for cutting.

Water Valve Rebuild Package

If you often repair water valves, the Water Valve Rebuild Package is for you. You’ll get specially reduced diameter cutting blades, a centering cone and reducer ring, and our Platinum underslung arms.

The Cookie Cutter Package

The Cookie Cutter Package is a fully engineered system for repairing underground utilities, no matter where in the road they reside. Simply drill a 1.25” hole as a centering point and then cut out the road with the Platinum Series Six Shooter.

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The Platinum series is offered as a base package with two other add-on packages available. We believe in offering our customers exactly the configuration they need and nothing more.

Overall, the platinum series will speed production and increase profits while enhancing crew safety. As with all our products, Mr. Manhole is behind our customers 100 percent with training and support. If your crews are manhole repair specialists, they will undoubtedly appreciate the Platinum Series product line and your business will profit from the efficient, durable design.

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