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Why use a Mr. Manhole Cutter for Repairs?

Why use a Mr. Manhole Cutter for Repairs?

The answer is simple: faster repairs, cheaper labor, and happier workers!

The Mr. Manhole system is a state-of-the-art set of tools and repair system that allows your crew to quickly and easily cut out and replace manhole frames. Developed in 2002, we set out to create a better method of manhole removal and repair than current industry standards. What we came up with is a revolutionary product that makes the whole process easier.

By using round cuts, the Mr. Manhole system generates 20 percent less debris and uses 20 percent less replacement material. By incorporating a round design, manholes replaced by our tools rarely crack. Additionally, a lack of sharp corners means snowplows and traffic aren’t constantly chipping away at the concrete surface. Our repair method is also waterproof, vacuum testable, and requires no chimney seal after repair.

So why should you use a Mr. Manhole cutter for your manhole repair projects? Check out the advantages.

The Mr. Manhole System is Faster

Want to get projects done faster? The Mr. Manhole cutting tools have six arms with six cutting blades that easily cut through concrete and asphalt. The design allows you team to cut out a manhole frame in just 10 minutes, compared to hours with other methods.

It’s less expensive

With the ability to cut out manholes frames quickly, the Mr. Manhole system saves you a lot of money on labor. Once the frame has been cut and removed, it takes less than two hours to repair the manhole using the Mr. Manhole Repair Method. This saves valuable time and labor costs, making the Mr. Manhole system one of the most affordable ways to repair manholes.

Estimating labor at a two-man crew with two man-hour requirements gives you a total labor cost of just $60. Other methods include an air hammer, which comes in at $300 for 10 man-hours, a concrete saw, which is $330 for 11 man-hours, or a drum cutter, which has a labor cost of $90 for three man-hours.

It creates a smooth, leak free surface

With the Mr. Manhole system, once the manhole is repaired it is flush with the road. As part of the repair process, the manhole frame is checked to ensure it is level with the road. Then, ready mix concrete is poured and leveled, with a rounded edge between the asphalt and the repair. Dye is applied and worked into the surface, with a brushed finish.
Next, the edge is sealed, which will stop water from penetrating the joint. Lastly, the whole repair is finished with a medium solids sealant which gives it a slow cure time and long life. The repair is not only leak free, but is smooth. This is not only good for the longevity of the repair, but for drivers who overwhelmingly prefer a smooth driving surface.

Gets traffic moving

Nothing irritates drivers more than drawn-out road repairs. With other methods, traffic is backed up and crews are exposed to reckless drivers for hours at a time. Since the Mr. Manhole method cuts out and repairs the manhole frame in less time, traffic gets moving quicker, which is safer for everyone involved.

It’s better for your crew

Traditionally, manhole repair is backbreaking work. Crews had to remove road material using air hammers and by hand, increasing the risk of injury to workers significantly. In comparison, the Mr. Manhole Arm Style Blades both cut out and remove the road surface without the use of labor, meaning crews are less likely to be injured on the job. With nothing more than 75 pounds to lift, crews lessen back pain and ensure their work habits remain ergonomically correct.

Look like a hero

When you choose the Mr. Manhole system for your manhole repairs, you’re choosing a more efficient way to get the job done. It’s a proven system that has been developed with engineers and construction crews in mind, to reduce wasted time,improve safety, and create a better repair.

Your projects will get done faster, produce better results, and last longer than comparable methods. All while saving money and making sure your crew stays safer.

Ready to learn more about how the Mr. Manhole system can work for you? Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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