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Water Valve Boxes Should be Adjusted every Paving Cycle!

Every time you pave a street the utility access points such as manholes and storm drains get adjusted to the new pavement elevation. Water valve boxes sometimes get overlooked and are not adjusted. We all know what a pain it is to adjust water valve boxes and it just seems it isn’t worth the hassle. Well, new tools and methods make raising water valves very easy and painless.

Let’s look at some reasons you really need to adjust those water valve boxes right after repaving a street. Number one, they just look so much better when the valve boxes are level with the road. It looks unfinished and unprofessional to leave the water valve boxes depressed below the road surface. Number two is obvious, They cause a noticeable bump for vehicle traffic. Number three, asphalt can heat up and deform over the water valve box lid making it difficult to remove when needed. Number four, by leaving the water valve box lower than the road surface we are creating traffic impacts on the lid as traffic bumps across it. This is actually sending the impact all the way down to the valve and possibly to the main line.

An added benefit is that when you purchase or rent the Mr. Manhole tools for adjusting your manholes, the water valve package is a simple add on. This allows you to perform both manhole and water valve box adjustments using the same tools.

The new method of adjusting water valve boxes makes it so quick and easy you will want to adjust all your water valve boxes to grade immediately after paving. Take a look at the method here.

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