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Reducing Workers’ Compensation Costs: Common Claims and How to Avoid Them

It’s no surprise that construction sites can be dangerous No matter the size or scope of the project, the very nature of the industry means workers could be harmed during a typical workday. So, how can a business focus on Reducing Workers’ Compensation Costs? The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that nearly 2.9 million workplaces reported injuries and illnesses in

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Let’s play a game called “there’s a smarter way,” shall we? The purpose of the game is to see whats the smarter way to do something. Are you ready? Game on! Impact Driver vs. Screwdriver I am sure that at some point in your life you have used a screwdriver, either by setting up your cheap desk in college or

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jackhammers breaking up tile floor

How to avoid injuries with jackhammers

Before the Mr. Manhole method was invented, construction crews relied on jackhammers to pound away at asphalt and concrete to reveal the manhole frame. It was hard work. It took a five-person crew about five hours to complete one manhole rehabilitation. During the back-breaking work this took, crews faced numerous injuries, mainly because of the risk power tools have. Power

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The Danger of Air Hammers and other Pneumatic Tools

Some of the most well-known and often-used construction tools are risky for workers. Powered by compressed air, pneumatic tools include chippers, drills, and air hammers. They are useful in many different applications, yet these tools can be hazardous for crews. Here are the top four dangers associated with pneumatic tools. Accidental Striking One of the top risks of operating pneumatic

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construction workers cutting a manhole

Hawaii Case Study

The beautiful Hawaiian islands are a favorite vacation spot for people from all over the world. Visitors use the roads in Hawaii for transport to their favorite attractions. What they may not notice is the behind the scenes work to keep the roads maintained. Major road construction companies like Grace Pacific maintain those roads. The roads in Hawaii have an

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Mr. Manhole Guangzhou, China

Mr. Manhole goes to China: Our 2019 Trip to Guangzhou, China

For a while now, Mr. Manhole has been providing tools and supplies to a company in Guangzhou, China. This company, in turn, sells our tools to contractors in China for use in manhole repairs. They invited us to visit China and to train a large group of people in their company so they could properly use the Mr. Manhole Six

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man standing on road being paved

How to keep your workers safe during manhole repairs

Any project that is performed in the roadway involves dangers that other construction projects don’t. You and your team might be on a heavily-trafficked road, or you have a small space to work in. Road work always involves some element of danger – whether it’s cars on the road, or heavy equipment, or both. To keep you and your co-workers

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Does the Mr. Manhole System Meet OSHA Silica Regulations?

Does the Mr. Manhole System Meet OSHA Silica Regulations?

The short answer is: yes. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued new standards concerning crystalline silica, which has been known to cause silicosis, respiratory diseases, lung cancer, and even kidney disease. The new rules are designed to protect workers from dangerous levels of silica. So here we’ve gone through some of the most important things to know concerning

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Is the Mr. Manhole repair system state approved? road signs safety

Is the Mr. Manhole repair system state approved?

As a Mr. Manhole system installer, you may be asked this question by engineers and municipal managers. The answer is yes. The reasoning behind the answer is quite logical. Let’s analyze the components of the Mr. Manhole repair. There are three major components included in the Mr. Manhole repair system: concrete, reinforcing steel, and the vylon liner material. Concrete has

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4 Benefits of Being a Mr. Manhole Installer six shooter gold series

4 Benefits of Being a Mr. Manhole Installer

In the modern day, there is no reason for municipalities and contractors to use old methods of manhole repair, especially when a more cost-effective and efficient method is available. No matter how big your team is, you can still benefit from reduced labor time, reduced costs and more safety. Our philosophy is that a manhole shouldn’t be a pothole. By

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