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4 Benefits of Being a Mr. Manhole Installer six shooter gold series

4 Benefits of Being a Mr. Manhole Installer

In the modern day, there is no reason for municipalities and contractors to use old methods of manhole repair, especially when a more cost-effective and efficient method is available. No matter how big your team is, you can still benefit from reduced labor time, reduced costs and more safety. Our philosophy is that a manhole shouldn’t be a pothole. By

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The Difference Between Storm Sewers and Sanitary Sewers sewer

The Difference Between Storm Sewers and Sanitary Sewers

“It’s all pipes! What’s the difference?” It was over twenty years ago when George Costanza uttered this infamous line on Seinfeld. And although his unfortunate situation was a little bit different, the debate about which pipes lead to where is actually vitally important. Everyone has seen storm drains before, and just about everyone has heard of a sewer system. But

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should you hire traffic control or do it yourself project

Should you hire traffic control, or do it yourself?

When you begin a new road project, no matter how big or how small, this question is bound to come up. Then you are left with an important choice to make. Is it a worthy choice to hire out traffic control management? Or is it better to maintain traffic control yourself? The answer may depend heavily on the size of

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case study manhole repair lexington kentucky

Case Study: Lexington, Kentucky

Several years ago, the city of Lexington, KY (the second-largest city in the state) decided they were no longer satisfied with deteriorating and sinking manholes. They searched for a new way to effectively repair and maintain the sewer manhole system. With the thriving culture and business community in the city, Lexington needed a way to make the streets smoother, and

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Image of a manhole cover in need of proper repair

Stormwater Management, Inflow, and Infiltration Prevention

Damaged manhole covers can be a serious safety hazard for motorists, cyclists, and even pedestrians. This damage can be a result of erosion, a re-paving, or age. One, two or all of these factors can take a toll on the road and cause cracks, dips, potholes, or upheavals in the area surrounding the manhole. If you are tasked with replacing

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See how much Mr.Manhole can save you, cost savings, Manhole Repair, New Technology, Construction, Municipal Maintenance

The cost savings of the Mr. Manhole system

Technology marches on. New methods and tools crop up all the time. Occasionally something comes along that makes life easier, is safer, or is more affordable, and we embrace it wholeheartedly. That time has come for manholes. It used to be that manholes were rarely repaired and often not flush with the road. It turns out there is a reason

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An image of the Mr. Manhole blade cutter at work, as seen in Cleaner Magazine.

The Cleaner Magazine featuring The Mr. Manhole System at work!

The March issue of the Cleaner Magazine featured our Mr. Manhole System at work, demonstrating how it can save both money and time! Iowa contractor establishes a strong niche by building his business around one specific service We’re really excited to be featured in the March issue of Cleaner Magazine. In this issue, they interview Brad Steenhoek, owner of Cedar

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When the water department in Van Wert, Ohio needed to replace some water services that were failing, the Water Superintendent choose Mr. Manhole

Case Study: Van Wert, Ohio

When the water department in Van Wert, Ohio needed to replace some water services that were failing, the Water Superintendent, Don “Bud” Mengerink was concerned because it was a very busy road. In addition to the issue of a busy road, there was another road closure in town, so time efficiency was important. Cost of other tools Bud started looking

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Case Study: Ames, Iowa Mr. Manhole System Sewer Repair and Manhole replacement

Case Study: Ames, Iowa

In 2015 the city of Ames, Iowa began a massive-scale repair and restoration of its sanitary sewer system. In an effort to reduce the project’s timeline, materials, labor and overall costs, the city’s engineering team decided to use a Mr. Manhole cutter to complete the work. Timeframe The team was warned that with projects such as this, residents can get

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What municipalities need to be asking in the bidding process

What municipalities need to be asking in the bidding process

When you need a project done right the first time you need a contractor that understands the challenges that face your particular municipality and will work with you to address specific needs, as well as bring their time tested solutions to the table. Because government accounts work differently than private companies, you need a company that will meet your requirements

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With Mr. Manhole you can have a large weather window and be more profitable in the winter. Typically, when there is snow on the ground, road work is

Mr. Manhole allows you to work year round

Above is a normal everyday photo of a road contractor and crew taking care of a manhole, well, except it’s not exactly normal. If you notice there is snow accumulation and probably a little ice on the road. Typically this means no road work unless absolutely necessary which brings a downturn in business during the cold weather but not anymore.

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